Why choose INDIA?

India's climatic environment remains conducive to cotton growing: sunshine and recurring monsoons are two essential contributors to a quality annual harvest cycle. In addition, the positioning of the country, close to the equator, offers it a higher quality by the provision of a long fiber raw material: this cotton allows to obtain solid threads, which break less during the operations of spinning and knitting and therefore do not slow productivity.

Conventional cotton cultivation is one of the most polluting for the planet: it uses a quarter of the pesticides sold in the world while it represents only 2.4% of the agricultural area. And the purchase of fertilizers is the main source of debt for farmers and small producers of conventional cotton.

LES ATELIERS VALAIS CREATIONS have proven that it is possible to produce differently and to get involved over the years with farming villages in India, for a healthier harvest. The whole team has had the vocation from the first days of respecting people and nature and proving this on a daily basis. Favor organic farming over conventional farming to limit the large-scale use of fertilizers, chemicals harmful to the earth, water, air and humans while favoring biodiversity and crop rotation for let the earth oxygenate naturally,

• it is also respecting the seasons and consuming water moderately,

• Finally, it means proposing a reduction in chemical fertilizers in favor of natural compost. In short, choosing organic consumption means favoring natural ecosystems. If we understand that consuming organic is above all a state of mind and a desire for a better world.

What does organic cotton bring compared to conventional cotton?

The quality of organic cotton is better, the fiber thicker, softer and hypoallergenic.

Its slightly lower yield means that its price is slightly higher. But with a work over time with committed farmers allows to find a yield close to conventional agriculture.

Our organic farmers gather around farms to share their knowledge and know-how. You will therefore have understood all the interest of your consumption choices, and will have the guarantee by choosing our collection to help farms where it is good to work the land with respect for nature.


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