Our grandmothers naturally had an ecological spirit with their shopping nets ...
It was the good weather of zero plastic, zero superfluous waste!


for 18 months, I have embarked on an extraordinary adventure, that of taking up a family tradition which consists in exploiting cotton: from its culture in the south of India and according to the requirements of organic agricultural production, initially passing through the drawings and the design until the manufacturing of the finished product.

Indeed I took over the family project initiated then stopped in the years 80-90, for lack of overproduction of plastic products on the market.
Today the era of plastic is over and the emerging demand for recycled products, Organic, is more in line with our new mode of consumption and requires better respect for nature.
As a result, I decided to take a new turn in my life and resume this workshop for several months in the Canton of Valais.
These mesh bags are coming back up to date with our plastic-free living needs.

What vitality with their tart colors with natural dyes!

They are washable and reusable.

Two models on display:

Short and long handles to easily carry your provisions on the market, in town, at the beach, at the swimming pool, at a picnic outing, at the Fac ...

Light, it takes up little space in its bag and can carry up to 10 kg.

Its soft and resistant mesh 100% natural cotton stretches and adapts to the content.



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